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    Art, Light & Celebration! “Noor Riyadh” Lights Up The Capital

    It’s lit!

    The capital of Saudi Arabia has been lit with art. Riyadh has been transformed into an outdoor art gallery as part of the 17-day light and art festival, Noor Riyadh. The festival features over sixty artists from twenty countries who have created dazzling lighting displays, sculptures, interactive performances, and outdoor installations. The “gallery without walls” […] More

  • Raymond Pettibon
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    Wall Art! Limited-Edition Raymond Pettibon Decks At The Skateroom

    Art & skate!

    The creative artist Raymond Pettibon is back in the news feed. This time around, the artist’s surfer-themed works are being displayed in unique form. The artist and The Skateroom have aligned for the second time, offering up a set of six decks that blend art and culture. After pairing up for two limited editions of […] More

  • Banksy
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    Art Evolution? Original Banksy Artwork Burned, Digitized & For Sale

    The artwork’s original value was $95,000 USD.

    You have not misread the title of this post. Yes, an original Banksy artwork was burned. The piece of art was then digitized by a group that describes itself as crypto fans. The artwork, morons, is a piece from 2006 that satirizes the sale of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in 1987. The work features the quote, […] More

  • Gregory Orekhov
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    Immersed In Infinity! Gregory Orekhov Installs Mirrored Sculptures In Moscow

    A time for reflection!

    The Russian sculptor and architect Gregory Orekhov recently revealed his latest sculpture. The work of art is entitled Black Square and can be found in Moscow’s Malevich Park. The mirrored sculpture aims to reflect the region’s natural surroundings, serving as a monument to honor the pioneering avant-garde artist and theorist Kazimir Malevich. Orekhov decided he […] More

  • Keith Haring
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    The Art In Architecture! Keith Haring Tribeca Loft

    Home to a stunning mural created in ‘79.

    Before becoming a home for luxury condominiums, the historic American Thread Building was a student gallery for the School of Visual Arts. Keith Haring attended the school and created a large mural for an exhibit in 1979. After nearly forty years since it was created, the artwork is still the centerpiece of this Tribeca triplex. […] More

  • Matt McCormick
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    Destructive Inspirations! Matt McCormick Unveils New Exhibition of American Nostalgia

    Paying homage to the painters that came before him.

    The artist and painter known as Matt McCormick has opened a new exhibition in Los Angeles, California. He has set up shop at the Gauthier Gallery, a contemporary art space in the city that is dedicated to showcasing works by exceptional contemporary artists. For its first exhibition, the gallery is hosting a selection of new […] More

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    Art Everywhere! Damien Hirst Launches “Mental Escapology” Exhibition

    A showcase in Switzerland!

    The one and only Damien Hirst is back! The British artist recently launched a new exhibition featuring over 40 works in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The exhibit is entitled Mental Escapology’ and stretches over four various locations in the Swiss city. The world-renowned artist has created indoor and outdoor installations, all organized with the assistance of […] More

  • Ai Weiwei
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    Art For Sale! Ai Weiwei Unveils His First Merch Collection

    Art & merch!

    The Chinese artist, activist, architect, and more Ai Weiwei is back in the news feed. The multi-faceted creative returns with something new, celebrating Lunar New Year with a new collection of merch. The artist has teamed up with lifestyle brand Rome Pays Off for a limited run of items. Each piece in the collection features […] More

  • Sam Friedman
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    Art On Display! Sam Friedman To Reveal New Paintings In “Light”

    Detroit’s Library Street Collective is gearing up for the launch of its first exhibition at its new space on 1274 Library Street. The exhibition is centered around new works by New York-based contemporary artist Sam Friedman. “Light” will feature unique abstract compositions by Friedman curated by KAWS. The artist takes a unique look at nature, […] More

  • Almine Rech Gallery
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    Color & Design! Alejandro Cardenas Presents “Alexandria” At Almine Rech Gallery

    The Chilean artist Alejandro Cardenas is known for his interdisciplinary artworks that include acrobatic, fluid characters and lush landscapes. The artist returns today with a look at a solo exhibition at New York City’s Almine Rech gallery. The show, entitled “Alexandria,” includes new abstract figures that are seen on paintings and sculptures. The exhibition explores […] More

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