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  • Koto Work Cabin
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    Work From Home In Comfort | The Koto Work Cabin

    Small, simple, & stunning!

    We have a soft spot for outstanding design and intriguing architecture. Today we get to check out a prime example of both which provides a unique space to call your home office. Working from home isn’t the easiest. It takes a bit of self-discipline and some dedication, and more professionals are adapting to working remotely. […] More

  • Ashen Cabin
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    Unique & Modern | The Ashen Cabin By Hannah

    An off-grid cabin with a modern interpretation.

    We’ve seen more than a few modern takes on the classic cabin. Today we get a look at one of the most unique yet, the Ashen Cabin. This unique structure was created by the U.S. architecture studio Hannah, using 3D-printed concrete stilts to elevate the dwelling. The tiny off-grid cabin is located in Upstate New […] More

  • Bivouac Zoran Simic Cabin
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    A Modern Rest Place | The Bivouac Zoran Simic Cabin

    A great place to stop and relax.

    Modern architecture and contemporary design can be found on all corners of the globe. Today we take a look at a unique cabin that is found in quite a rural and rustic location. The Bivouac Zoran Simic Cabin is situated between the Visočica and Bjelašnica mountain ranges. From here, it boasts unrivaled views of Bosnia […] More