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  • Aston Martin
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    Own This Icon! 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Coupe

    The second DB4 ever made!

    Sure, we love new cars with modern power and sleek design. But there is something special about the old icons. Today we get a look at a beautiful old school Aston Martin which is set to hit the auction block relatively soon. Today we get a look at a  1958 Aston Martin DB4 Coupe. However, […] More

  • Toyota FJ44
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    Revamped & Retooled! Icon Old School Toyota FJ44 SUV

    Own an icon!

    The creative minds over at Icon are breathing new life into old rides. Today we get our first look at the latest entry into Icon’s Old School series of resto-mods. The company continues to give new life to vintage classics, and their latest is a 1974 Toyota FJ44. The Icon Old School Toyota FJ44 SUV […] More

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    Own It! Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

    An icon of film and a legend on the road!

    Looking to expand your collection of classic cars? Well, pay attention. Today you have the opportunity to own one of three surviving 1967 Mustang Eleanors from the 2000 film Gone in 60 Seconds. One of the ‘hero’ cars from the film, which was used to film Nic Cage and Angelina Jolie, is heading to the […] More

  • Ford Torino
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    Rare Rides! 1970 Ford Torino Twister Special

    One of thirty!

    The good folks over at Ford are known for crafting limited and special edition models for the American public. However, they are also known for producing local variants, including the High Country and California-spec Mustangs. Back in the day, Ford created something special for its Kansas City dealer network to promote the Mach 1 Mustang. […] More

  • Shelby 427 Cobra
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    Own It! Paul Walker’s 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra FAM

    One of just fourteen examples ever built!

    The Shelby Cobra is an icon in its own right. However, the Shelby Cobra CXS1000 is one of the most coveted and sought-after sports cars of all time. Only fourteen of these beautiful and powerful machines have been created, and Shelby 427 Cobra serial number CSX1010 is going up for sale. This stunning machine is […] More

  • Jaguar E-Type
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    Own An Icon! 1961 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Roadster

    Legends the road!

    There is something special about iconic, impressive, classic cars. The Jaguar E-Type was an icon as soon as it rolled off the assembly line back in 1961. The vehicle is considered one of the best-looking cars ever, a characteristic that continues to this day. Today we get a look at a prime example of this […] More

  • Mercedes-Benz
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    Classics Cleaned Up! 1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf SUV

    When it comes to rugged luxury, there is nothing quite like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. However, the G-Class originated as a military project in the ’70s. Today we look at a classic G-Class that will surely make a nice addition to any classic rides fleet. Today we get a look at a 1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf […] More

  • Toyota
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    Icons For Sale | 1992 Toyota OJ55 Bandeirante Truck

    Own it!

    The Toyota Bandeirante isn’t exactly the rarest ride on the planet. However, it’s rare to see one on the roadways of the US. The vehicle was built by Toyota’s Brazilian subsidiary from 1962 to 2001, boasting a long production life thanks to being based on the original Land Cruiser platform. The Bandeirante used a Mercedes-Benz […] More

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    Own An Icon | 1988 BMW E30 M3

    As the struggles of today seem to keep mounting, take a look at this blast from the past from BMW and has become the car guy’s go-to for hidden treasures. Vehicles that would’ve stayed local and under the radar are reaching a worldwide market like never before. The occasional “unicorn” even pops up from time to time. Under normal circumstances, a 1988 BMW E30 M3 doesn’t get the unicorn clout, but this is no normal […] More

  • Petersen Automotive Museum
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    A Closer Look | Petersen Automotive Museum Virtual Tours

    For auto enthusiasts!

    For any fan of automobiles, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is a must-visit. While visiting anywhere right now is a bit more complicated than we’d like, the museum is coming to you. Today we get a look at the Petersen’s Virtual Tours. Joining the list of art museums, tourism hotspots, and more, LA’s […] More

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    Over Land & Sea | 1964 Amphicar Model 770

    Own it!

    For anyone looking for a classic car and a bit of an adventure, pay attention. The Amphicar is a legend. The German-made amphibious vehicle was built from 1961 to 1968, offering the ability to cruise the open road or ride the open water. Today we get a look at a  1964 Amphicar Model 770, which […] More

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