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    An Icon Returns | The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria

    Updates & upgrades!

    While New York City has changed, a lot about the metropolis has stayed the same. Today one of the iconic parts of Manhattan’s skyline is back, re-opening with a luxurious renovation that breathes new life into a legendary structure. One of Manhattan’s most iconic landmarks, The Towers of the Waldorf Astoria, closed back in 2017. […] More

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    Serious Game | Stelios Mousarris Plexus Ping Pong Table​

    Luxury meets table tennis!

    We’re here for all the unique designs and eye-catching creations the world has to offer. Who doesn’t love ping pong? It’s a game that you don’t realize how much you take seriously until your throwing the paddle around the room in the agony of defeat. We love ping pong around these parts, and we’ll challenge […] More

  • Marvel's 80th Anniversary
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    Marvel Milestones | MEDICOM Toy Celebrates Marvel’s 80th Anniversary

    Celebrating superheroes!

    If you’ve been following along with The Culture Curators, you’ve probably seen a handful of new BE@RBRICK’s from Medicom Toy. Today we get a look at another one, this time created in celebration of Marvel’s 80th Anniversary. The new BE@RBRICKS arrive in 100% & 400% size options, rocking a striking all-over graphic. The graphic features […] More

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    The Art In Architecture | The Ghost House

    This is modern living!

    We have a soft spot for remarkable attention to detail, as well as architecture. Those two characteristics come together seamlessly in a dwelling dubbed the Ghost House. This unique home was designed and created by BPN Architects. The contemporary structure is located in England’s Warwickshire, getting its inspiration from the work of architect Tado Ando. […] More

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    Art On Display | Jean Jullien’s “PETRICHOR” Exhibition

    A closer look!

    After showcasing a selection of works that pay homage to his childhood town, Jean Jullien is back at it yet again. This time around, he takes his talents to the ALICE Gallery in Brussels for a new exhibition. Dubbed “PETRICHOR,” the exhibition’s title refers to the smell that accompanies rain after a period of dryness. […] More

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    All About The Views | The Nova Scotia Cliff House

    Living on the edge!

    Modern architecture is captivating and compelling. While we have our idea of our dream home, these modern dwellings will change your designs immediately. Today life on the edge takes on a whole new meaning today. The Nova Scotia Cliff House is the brainchild of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. This stunning home is suspended off of a […] More

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    A Look At Art | Devon DeJardin’s Eerie ‘Guardians’ Portraits

    A closer look!

    We have a passion for anything artistic. From music to painting, sculptures and more. You might not be too familiar with Devon DeJardin. The emerging artist is currently holding his first major solo show on display at the former Taschen building in Los Angeles. The showcase was curated by contemporary art dealers Coates and Scarry. […] More

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    Art Talks | Get To Know The Talents Of Teddy Sykes

    As you already know, we at The Culture Curators are all in for art. It’s captivating, it’s deep, it’s compelling, and it’s one of the purest forms of self-expression. Art comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, disciplines, and mediums. Art surrounds us daily, and we tend to not put too much emphasis on it. As […] More

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    Art Talks | Get Acquainted With Artist EJ Nieves

    Art is defined as “produced as an artistic effort or for decorative purposes”. Art is different for everyone, and though some say they’re not into, we all are in one facet or another. We at The Culture Curators are avid fans and supporters of art across the board. From music to sculpting, painting, street art, […] More

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    Art x Nature | The Stirrup House

    Art & nature collide!

    We have a passion for outstanding architecture. Today we get a look at a beautiful modern structure, the Stirrup House. The home was brought to life by Olson Kundig, who offers something functional, eye-catching, and compelling. The home is a steel-and-wood-clad dwelling comprised of two volumes. The volumes are seen in a T-shape, boasting space […] More

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