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  • Sega Astro City
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    Back To The Basics | The Sega Astro City Mini

    The fun of the 1990’s Japanese arcade is headed to a tabletop version with the release of the Sega Astro City Mini.

    Tabletop mini arcades aren’t anything new. A cheap emulator in a small cabinet style display has been around for a few years now. Something that felt like a quality product has been much more elusive, though. Sega, a company many of us cut our gaming teeth with, has shown up to remedy that problem. The […] More

  • Nintendo
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    Building Games | Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Building Kit

    Unleash your inner child!

    New gamers know nothing about gaming of the past. Lego returns to celebrate the old school days of gaming with a brand new building kit. Today we get a look at the  Lego Nintendo Entertainment System Building Kit. This unique design arrives after a partnership that has produced interactive Super Mario sets for younger builders. […] More

  • Guinness
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    Game Time | Gamer Grandma Gets Guinness Gratification

    Gamer Grandma gets Guinness gratification.

    In a world filled with overnight celebrities and trends gone in a minute, it’s awesome to see success for someone who’s been around a while. 90 years is definitely a while. Meet Hamako Mori. The Japanese grandmother, Gamer who has recently been recognized with The Guinness World Record for the oldest Video Game Streamer. This […] More

  • Analogue
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    Gaming Updates | The Analogue Nt Mini Noir Console

    Old school gaming, new school tech!

    The world of gaming has evolved into something bigger than we all imagined. The good folks over at Analogue are known for their unique craftsmanship in the gaming realm. Today they are back, offering up a look at the all-new Analogue Nt Mini Noir Console. This sleek new device follows the wildly successful original Nt, […] More

  • Herman Miller
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    Gaming In Comfort | Herman Miller & Logitech Partner For High-End Gaming Furniture

    Tech meets comfort!

    The world of gaming has evolved into something much bigger than any of us imagined. While gaming itself has changed, so has the way we play video games. Today the luxury furniture designer Herman Miller has announced its upcoming partnership with Logitech‘s gaming division. The two will partner to create a line of high-end gaming […] More

  • Xbox Series X
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    The Future Of Gaming | Xbox Series X Gaming Console

    Coming soon!

    The good folks over at Microsoft have their eye on the future of gaming. Today they return with a first look at the  Xbox Series X Gaming Console. Originally dubbed Project Scarlett, the device serves as Microsoft’s next-generation flagship console. The console itself features a rectangular cabinet design with an understated approach. It’s designed to […] More

  • NEON16

    Game Changers | NEON16, Lex Borrero, & Buchanan’s Whisky Bring E-Sports To Miami

    Challenge accepted!

    Recently NEON16 and Lex Borrero, along with BMI and Latin Grammy award-winning producer, Tainy brought E-Sports to Miami Beach. They linked up and challenged their closest celebrity friends to an e-sports basketball showdown. Tainy, who is known for his latest work producing Justin Bieber’s newest single “Habitual,” has kicked off 2020 strong. He’s the mastermind […] More

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    Game Time | 2,500 Retro MS-DOS Games Added to Internet Archive

    Prepare for an 8-bit overload with 2,500 MS-DOS games added to the Internet Archive.

    Forget your floppy discs and insane boot up waits. The Internet Archive has just dumped an unbelievable dose of nostalgia into today’s’ computers. The best part of the 2,500 retro MS-DOS games added in the most recent update? It’s all free to play. The Internet Archive has curated a vast collection of digital history like […] More

  • Analogue
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    Back To The Basics | Analogue Reimagines The Classic Game Boy

    While modern gaming is fun, adventurous, and in-depth, sometimes, we want some simple. Retro-gaming consoles have been quite popular over the past few years, and the good folks over at Analogue are making some of the best. Analogue is a company that specializes in retro gaming consoles and peripherals. They return with their latest creation: […] More

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    Gaming Goes Retro | Love Hulten Unveils Retro-Inspired Gaming Console

    Back to the basics!

    Love Hulten has made quite a name for themselves through retro-inspired gaming console designs. The imprint has crafted some of the most beautifully designed retro gaming consoles on the market. The brand returns today with a look at their latest creation, which draws from the most influential designers of all time. The new console pays […] More

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