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  • Voxel Quarantine Cabin
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    Retreat & Relax! The Voxel Quarantine Cabin

    Built for one!

    We’ve seen some unique ways to get away from the modern world that we live in. The current pandemic has inspired more people to retreat, and today we get a look at a rather unique way to do so. Today we get a look at the  Voxel Quarantine Cabin. This stunning design was created by […] More

  • Ore Mountain Chalet
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    Luxury On The Mountain! Ore Mountain Chalet

    A modern retreat!

    We’re big fans of contemporary design and modern architecture. Today we get to check out a beautiful modern chalet located at the edge of a Czech forest. Dubbed the Ore Mountain Chalet, this stunning dwelling was created by New House Architects. The structure features an abstract silhouette that includes a lookout tower with a classic […] More

  • The Cumulus House
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    Luxury By The Sea! The Cumulus House

    All the views, all the luxury!

    There is something inspiring about modern architecture and contemporary design. While we’ve seen some outstanding examples lately, today, we take a look at something compelling. Today we get a look at The Cumulus House. The home combines post-war Californian modernism with traditional Australian fibro beach shacks. In doing so, the structure offers a minimalist design […] More

  • Blackbird Cabin
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    Modern Luxury! The Blackbird Cabin

    Living among angles!

    In case you couldn’t tell, we love outstanding modern architecture. Today we get a look at a beautiful home designed like a piece of livable origami. The unique cabin features a stunning black metal facade with a series of sharp angles. The exterior features a sleek, futuristic appearance that boasts a different look for every […] More

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    Modular Retreats! The Hytte Hotel

    Stop and stay a while!

    Look, we have a soft spot for modern architecture. That’s no big secret. Today we get a look at a beautiful collaboration between Koto Design and interior specialists Aylott and Van Tromp. Dubbed the Hytte Hotel, this unique retreat reimagines current hospitality offerings. The hotel in a box concept offers a sleek and unique space […] More

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    Simple Luxury! The Archipelago House

    An escape like none other!

    As if you couldn’t tell, we have a soft spot for stunning modern architecture. While we’ve seen plenty of exceptional examples, today, we take a look at something intriguing and eye-catching. Today we get a look at The Archipelago House. This striking design is found on Sweden’s rugged shoreline, taking influence from the area’s coastal […] More

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    Unique Retreats! The Ocean Cabin

    Life on the water. Literally!

    We love the idea of living life on the water. Today we get a look at a unique way to do precisely that. Today we get a look at a unique design known as the Ocean Cabin. Designed to be a remote getaway like none other, the project is the concept of Sri Lankan-based architect […] More

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    Small & Stunning! Bivvi Cabins

    Made for modern nomads!

    In case you couldn’t tell, we have quite an attraction to outstanding architecture. While we love the lavish and luxurious, we also enjoy the small, simple, and functional. Today we get a look at a modern design that is portable and prefab, offering a unique design for modern nomads. Today we get our first look […] More

  • Keith Haring
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    The Art In Architecture! Keith Haring Tribeca Loft

    Home to a stunning mural created in ‘79.

    Before becoming a home for luxury condominiums, the historic American Thread Building was a student gallery for the School of Visual Arts. Keith Haring attended the school and created a large mural for an exhibit in 1979. After nearly forty years since it was created, the artwork is still the centerpiece of this Tribeca triplex. […] More

  • Cork Oak House
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    Minimally Modern! The Cork Oak House

    Take a look inside!

    Here at The Culture Curators, we’re big fans of contemporary design. From art to architecture, we find a contemporary design to be inspiring, fascinating, and compelling. Today we get a look at a unique structure that embraces its landscape while looking like a contrasting figure. The Cork Oak House is situated on protected land, brought […] More

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    The Lap of Luxury! The Lap Pool House

    A seaside home with an incredible view.

    In case you couldn’t tell, we have a passion for unique designs and bold architecture. Today we take a look at a modern home located on a hillside on Greece’s Tinos Island. Dubbed the Lap Pool House, the home references the island’s landscape and provides stunning views of the coast in the process. The structure […] More

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