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    The Cava House

    Andre Restelli’s Cava House is a house like none other. The home is situated in the forest of Mexico, offering a dose of unrivaled luxury in a rural setting. The home is full of unique details and charm, but the showpiece is the win e room. Located below the residence, the space is integrated into […] More

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    A Look Inside The Vertes Retreat

    Modern architecture is captivating and inspiring. Today we get a look at a stunning example from the creative minds of Woven Architecture and Design. Dubbed the Vertes Retreat, this gorgeous space is located in the rocky formations of Sakinaw Lake. The retreat features an L-shaped volume that gently fits into the natural landscape, hovering 30 […] More

  • The Topless House
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    Luxury Additions! The Topless House

    In case you couldn’t tell, we at The Culture Curators appreciate outstanding architecture. Today we take a look inside a beautiful modern structure located on a hillside on the coast of France. Dubbed the Topless House, the dwelling replaces the ruins of a former veranda. The addition is an extension of a vacation home that […] More

  • Echo Lane House
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    Modern Luxury! The Echo Lane House

    We are captivated by modern architecture and contemporary design. Today, we look at a beautiful example known as the Echo Lane House. The home brings a new generation of contemporary desert dwellings, providing a touch of luxury in the process. The hope is located in the upscale Rancho Mirage community and designed by architect Sean […] More

  • Black Quail House
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    Rustic Luxury! The Black Quail House

    If you didn’t know, we have a soft spot for outstanding architecture. Today we get a look at a stunning structure dubbed the Black Quail House. The home is located on a rocky hillside in New Zealand, boasting a unique design that is influenced and inspired by the area’s history and vernacular. The house is […] More

  • The Cedar House
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    Old Becomes New! The Cedar House

    Modern architecture comes in various forms, but there is something charming about new designs that pay homage to the past. The Cedar House is one of those dwellings found on a small clearing in Vilnius city-county in Lithuania. The home brings new life to a former homestead, offering a modern take on a classic design. […] More

  • Invisible Villa
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    Embedded In Luxury! The Invisible Villa

    Modern architecture comes in an array of shapes and sizes. However, we’ve seen nothing quite like the Invisible Villa. This stunning home is located on a historic farm in Norway, designed to go unnoticed. The structure was designed as a residence and office space, boasting a sleek and unique design that integrates itself into the […] More

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    Luxury On The Water! The Otago Bay House

    If you have been checking with us here at The Culture Curators, you have probably noticed our fondness for unique architecture. Today we take a look at a beautiful dwelling located on the coast of Tasmania. Dubbed the Otago Bay House, the structure is designed in order to take full advantage of the surrounding scenery. […] More

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    Life By The Lake! The Frutillar House

    We’ve said it before, and we will continue to say it. There is something unique and compelling about modern architecture. Today we get a look at a stunning residence that was inspired by Chile’s rural landscape. The Frutillar House is located at the Llanquihue lake, accented its wooded plot with a remarkable design. The home […] More

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    Modern Molds! The Lakeside Chalet

    It’s true, we have a weak spot for outstanding design and architecture. The Lakeside Chalet is a perfect example of both. This exceptional dwelling is situated in the woods on the shore of Lake Brome. The minimalist structure offers a rural escape from city life, doing so with a simple and classic form. Of course, […] More

  • Forest Road Estate
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    A Luxurious Life! The Forest Road Estate

    It’s a new year, so why not consider updating your living situation. For anyone in the market, we’ve got a dream home worthy of your time and attention. Today we get a look at theĀ  Forest Road Estate. This exceptional retreat is located on the edge of Vail Mountain, offering a stunning escape from reality […] More

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    Living A Modern Life! The Littoral House

    Here at The Culture Curators, we are big fans of unique contrasts. Today we get a look at a striking piece of architecture that flawlessly and uniquely contrasts its surroundings. TheĀ  Littoral House is found in a beautiful rural setting, offering a dramatic modern form that plays well with the natural surroundings. The contemporary holiday […] More

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