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    Tech Specs | OnePlus Reveals 5G 8 Series Smartphones

    Tech gets smarter!

    Just over six months after announcing its 7T model, OnePlus is back at it again. This time around, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has unveiled its latest flagship 8 series. This marks the first full 5G line from the brand, offering modern connectivity in the process. The company has released two different models. OnePlus is set […] More

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    Retro Futuristic | The Apple Macintosh iPhone

    Old school meets new school!

    The iPhone changed everything. The smartphone has become a staple of our modern tech lexicon, becoming a staple of pop culture in the process. While we love our iPhone and couldn’t imagine life without it, today we take a look at what the iPhone would have looked like had it been released in the ’80s. […] More