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  • Guinness
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    Game Time | Gamer Grandma Gets Guinness Gratification

    Gamer Grandma gets Guinness gratification.

    In a world filled with overnight celebrities and trends gone in a minute, it’s awesome to see success for someone who’s been around a while. 90 years is definitely a while. Meet Hamako Mori. The Japanese grandmother, Gamer who has recently been recognized with The Guinness World Record for the oldest Video Game Streamer. This […] More

  • Analogue
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    Gaming Updates | The Analogue Nt Mini Noir Console

    Old school gaming, new school tech!

    The world of gaming has evolved into something bigger than we all imagined. The good folks over at Analogue are known for their unique craftsmanship in the gaming realm. Today they are back, offering up a look at the all-new Analogue Nt Mini Noir Console. This sleek new device follows the wildly successful original Nt, […] More

  • Herman Miller
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    Gaming In Comfort | Herman Miller & Logitech Partner For High-End Gaming Furniture

    Tech meets comfort!

    The world of gaming has evolved into something much bigger than any of us imagined. While gaming itself has changed, so has the way we play video games. Today the luxury furniture designer Herman Miller has announced its upcoming partnership with Logitech‘s gaming division. The two will partner to create a line of high-end gaming […] More

  • Ford
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    Get In The Game | Ford Launches Its Own eSports Racing Teams

    Racers, start your gaming consoles!

    With all the hype surrounding eSports these days, companies are scrambling to get in the game. The American automobile manufacturer Ford announced at Gamescom 2019 that it would start recruitment for its eSports racing team. The auto manufacturer released a statement regarding the news. They said it will “be seeking out the best online racers […] More

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    Game Changers | ORIGIN PC’s All For One Gaming PC

    The evolution of gaming has been incredible to watch, and especially to be apart of. Gaming has changed a lot since we first got the original NES, and now there is a selection of consoles, games, and many more ways to play. Mobile gaming has completely changed everything, though many of us still love the […] More

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    Game On | Love Hultén’s Evoboxx Gaming Console

    Looking to take your gaming experience back to the basics? Well, Love Hultén has you covered. Love Hultén has become known for an obsession with all things vintage video game. He’s also known for crafting some of the most unique and bespoke video game consoles, harkening back to the good ol’ days of gaming. Love […] More