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  • Subtle Islands
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    Escape Reality | These Are The Subtle Islands

    Own your own escape!

    We could all use an escape right about now. 2020 has been tumultuous and quite intense for many of us. We need a break, and today we get a look at a great way to do so. For anyone looking for a life change and some new scenery? Well, look no further. Today we get […] More

  • Treehouses
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    Unique Retreats | O2 Treewalkers Treehouses

    Living the high life!

    We are all about unique escapes, retreats, and resorts. Today we get a look at an elevated way to enjoy your next adventure, the  O2 Treewalkers Treehouses. O2 Treehouses is expanding on their designs, offering something spacious, unique, eye-catching, and quite impressive. The franchise-based treehouse hospitality brand is giving individuals and business owners the chance […] More

  • Vita Foras Village
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    A Luxurious Escape | Vita Foras Village

    A rustic yet modern retreat!

    Even though many of us have been working from home, we could all use an escape. For anyone really looking for a taste of rural living, we’ve got a perfect way to get it. The Vita Foras Village is a cabin community located just over two hours from Manhattan. Here guests can escape the madness […] More

  • Apfelhotel Torgglerhof
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    Unique Retreats | Apfelhotel Torgglerhof

    An escape like none other!

    Modern architecture is compelling, captivating, and inspiring. There is something special about a striking contemporary structure, and the Apfelhotel Torgglerhof is certainly that. This beautiful dwelling sits among apple orchards, meadows, and mountains in South Tyrol. The home has reimagined the ordinary rural retreat, combining modern luxury with a farmstead getaway. Dubbed a “farm-hotel,” the […] More

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    Views Like No Other | The Pairi Daiza Resort

    Look, we’ve seen some unique destinations to break away from reality for a few days. However, we’ve seen nothing quite like the Pairi Daiza Resort. This unique property is located in the Pairi Daiza zoo, providing guests with a unique way to view the park. The Belgian hotel features 50 rooms that include suites that […] More

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    On The Road | The Airstream Basecamp 20X Travel Trailer

    When you’re ready to take your road trip down the road less traveled, The Basecamp 20X is ready to ride out.

    For decades the Airstream has been the aluminum-clad icon of the adventure-bound road warrior. A travel trailer that instilled instant envy for the interstate commuter watching a vacation cruise by on the way to work. The king of the road has gotten a breath of fresh air recently, though. The team over at Airstream released […] More

  • Isla Imelev
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    Own An Island | Isla Imelev

    If the thought of wearing a mask is a bit too much to deal with, here’s your fresh air solution. Your own private island!

    If you’re ready to go all-in for social distancing, we’ve found the place for you. For a not completely insane $1.7mil, Isla Imelev is up for sale and in need of an occupant. Thirty-two acres of sweet seclusion await on the triangular island off the coast of Chile. So far, the only structure is the […] More

  • Sky Lagoon
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    Future Plans | The Sky Lagoon

    Opening Spring of 2021!

    If you are anything like us, you enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. Iceland offers plenty of see and experience, offering some incredible retreats and resorts along the way. Today we get a look at a unique new geothermal retreat that is set to open sometime in 2021. Dubbed Sky Lagoon, the retreat is located […] More

  • Neptune Space Balloon
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    Out Of This World | Neptune Space Balloon

    Imagine the views!

    Your next travel experience should be out of this world. Today we get a look at a unique expedition that will take you to new heights and provide some pretty impressive views along the way. The  Neptune Space Balloon is a travel concept from the travel startup Space Perspective. Their goal is to send passengers […] More

  • Space Flight
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    Next Level Travel | Virgin Orbit Space Flight

    Experience space!

    For anyone looking for an “out of this world” trip, look no further. The good folks over at Virgin are back in the news, prepping Virgin Orbit for its official launch. The company is taking off Mojave Air and Space Port in California, flying a modified Boeing 747 carrier craft and LauncherOne for a unique […] More

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    The Luxurious Life | Casa Cosmos

    An escape from reality!

    In case you couldn’t tell already, we have a soft spot for stunning architecture. We’ve seen prime examples from across the globe, and today we get a look at another. This beautiful home, dubbed  Casa Cosmos, is located on the Pacific coastline in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. This beautiful seaside retreat features an open-air design that […] More

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