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Tech & Speed! Toyota & Stanford University Built A Self-Drifting Supra

Designed to enhance safety for the future!

The good folks over at Toyota are looking toward the future. TRI or Toyota’s Research Institute linked up with Stanford University‘s Dynamic Design Lab recently. In collaboration, the two created an autonomous, self-drifting Supra.

Gill Pratt, TRI CEO and Chief Scientist at Toyota Motor Corporation, spoke about the idea and the aim of their work. He stated: “Every day, there are deadly vehicle crashes that result from extreme situations where most drivers would need superhuman skills to avoid a collision. The reality is that every driver has vulnerabilities, and to avoid a crash, drivers often need to make maneuvers that are beyond their abilities.”

TRI and Stanford University examined real drivers, taking their abilities digital. They learned the behaviors that would provide the ability to avoid safety hazards that the average driver can not. The design uses brakes, steering, and propulsion to avoid obstacles, and TRI will apply similar tech to its GR Supra. As of now, the research is just a test concept; however, we can expect to see new safety technology from the study in vehicles of the near future.

Check out the self-drifting Supra in action below and learn more from Toyota. While you’re at it, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more automotive news coming very soon.

Photos via Toyota

Written by Jesse James

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