The Acura Precision EV Concept

If you’ve been patiently waiting for petrol-fueled, groundbreaking development from the automotive industry, this ain’t it. But If you’re tuned into the future of anything driven, ridden, flown, or sailed, then you’re aware that we are charging head first into a full-blown electric boogaloo. The creative concept team over at Acura is ready for the high voltage future of EVs and once again ushering in a new wave of luxury in an unbelievable way.

As the global auto market not so subtly shifts nearly all major development to the electric powertrain, Acura is cranking up the amps with the unveiling of the Precision EV Concept at Monterey Car Week. The Matte “Double Apex Blue” finish on the exterior demands attention to the stunning details elegantly strung along futuristic-inspired body lines, the seemingly peak at the illuminated faux grille. A wraparound windshield blends an almost yacht-like feel to a sporty front end with nearly seamless body panels.

Once inside the Precision EV Concept, the tech-forward experience is only brought further to life. A lower seating position gives the vehicle what automakers call “high- performance driver sightlines” and a Formula 1 race car-inspired cockpit even down to a yoke-style steering wheel set inside a curved digital display covered dashboard and instrument panel. They’re not just for a charge level indicator, though. The entire car transforms from performance highlighting Instinctive Drive mode to the Spiritual Lounge mode, bringing a comforting experience through a fully autonomous drive mode with ambient lighting and scented air conditioning.

In typical concept design fashion, The Acura Precision EV has no real chance of seeing the production line; its spirit will live on. Parent Company Honda will be basing the Honda Prologue ESUV on the design. Check back with The Culture Curators for more automotive news, new rides, concepts, and classic cars coming soon. 

Photos via Acura

Written by Moustache Johnny

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