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The Evolution of Gaming | Modder Creates The Handheld “Wiiboy Color”

Modding gaming consoles is nothing new. However, one modder, by the name of GingerOfMods, has transformed the Nintendo Wii. The gaming guru has morphed the Wii into a handheld game device dubbed the “Wiiboy Color.” The device resembles a retro Game Boy Color, though boasting all of the essential Wii parts efficiently situated in a portable mold. GingerOfMods uploaded a video showcasing the device and how much work went into its creation.

He explains that the mod was possible because “the Wii motherboard can actually trim very small.” He made a custom 3D-printed Game Boy Color shell that fits all of the Wii controller’s necessary buttons and parts. The Nintendo Switch joysticks were placed at the upper left and lower left corners, while DS Lite face buttons were placed on the upper right, and lower left corners. There are even two Z-button triggers and a cooling fan on the back, while a three-and-a-half-inch screen was taken from a car’s back-up display.

The modder also claims that the display offers better graphics than an actual TV. Check out the eye-catching video of this unique mod below and watch GingerOfMods test out the Wiiboy Color. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the tech sector coming very soon.

Photos via GingerOfMods

Written by Jesse James

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