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The Next Step! LG Unleashes Rollable Smartphone At CES 2021

Rolling up with new technology!

The good folks over at LG are aiming to change smartphones as we know them. The company took over CES 2021 and teased a new Rollable smartphone. The tech giant unveiled the new design with two video clips to bookend its press conference. The new design is the next milestone in the evolution of smartphones.

The design aims to function like rollable OLED televisions. The device extends upwards and transforms from a smartphone-sized display to a larger display. The presentation itself made no mention of the Rollable smartphone design, which left many to wonder if the design is just a concept. However, word on the interwebs is that LG is looking to roll the device out to market within the year.

Take a closer look at the video below and head over to LG to find out more. In the meantime, keep it locked for more from CES 2021 and more from the tech sector coming soon.

Photos via LG

Written by Jesse James

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