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The Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset Release Date

Sony heard the rustling of impatient Playstation loyalists fighting the urge to jump ship for a capable VR system and finally answered the question we’ve all asked since we got the PS5. We now have an official yet vague release date for the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset and controller system. “Early 2023” is the slated release date for the future of video games, entertainment, and most likely social media. Now that the panic of another unfulfilled Christmas wish has subsided, we can talk details.

The upcoming release is no slight improvement of the same old thing. The PlayStation VR2 will be a significant upgrade over the previous iteration. 4K resolution, a 120 HZ refresh rate, an impressive 110-degree field of view, and a library of over 20 games at launch make this a drop worth the wait. You’ll be able to play Horizon: Call of the Mountain and No Man’s Sky for an immersive experience like never before. Comfort and playability are major points of improvement for the VR2 as well.

Foveated rendering integrates an eye tracker that reduces the rendering workload by reducing image quality in the peripherals. On-device cameras will provide motion tracking, and a view of surroundings will help players stay more involved than ever. Last month, Playstation announced native broadcasting and live streaming capabilities and a cinematic mode offering HDR support at 1080p. A redesigned Orb-shaped controller emphasizes ergonomics and in-game feel offering haptic feedback and finger-touch detection. A single USB-C wire connects the universal headset for a decluttered and streamlined practicality.

While I’d personally like a little tighter deadline, I’m stoked for at least a quarter to get excited about. Head over to Sony to find out more. Stay with us at for info on a more exact release and any other exciting development in the world of gaming, tech, auto, lifestyle, or fashion.

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