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The Tigín Tiny Homes By Common Knowledge

The good folks over at Common Knowledge have teamed up with Margent Farm to provide a small, simple, affordable, sustainable housing option. Dubbed “Tigín Tiny Homes,” each micro home is built around a small footprint with three key focuses. Designed to be sustainable, affordable, and consciously designed, the structure offers a unique solution to rising rent and mortgage costs.


The interior includes 20 square meters of floor area with high ceilings that provide an airy appeal. The living space features a pull-out double guest bed, while the main living quarters are located on a mezzanine level with enough room for a king-size bed. The kitchen is fully equipped, boasting a working oven, gas hobs, and a sink. The bathroom includes a shower and composting toilet, which assists in the structure’s sustainable approach.


The exterior is clad in sustainably sourced corrugated hemp from Margent Farm. The insulation has been created from breathable cork that runs across the pine framework. Common Knowledge founder Fionn Kidney stated: “Ultimately, the plan of our Tigín project is not just to build these Tiny Homes, but to teach more than 200 people with the skills to build these or any other project themselves, whilst creating and releasing a free-to-use blueprint at the end of this year.”

Common Knowledge spoke about the aim of the micro homes. They said, “With many people currently impacted by a severe housing crisis, we believe a tiny home can provide an affordable solution, which is both highly adaptable and completely mobile.” Common Knowledge added, “We wanted to create something that would be useful, both in terms of offering a housing solution to people without the time to create one themselves, whilst enabling others to do it themselves.”

Take a closer look at the Tigín Tiny Homes in the images below and head over to Common Knowledge to find out more about these sustainable structures. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding architecture and design coming soon.

Photos via Shantanu Starick

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