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Time From Trash | The Vollebak Garbage Watch

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Technology continues to move forward at a break-neck pace. Every week it seems like new technology is added to the mix, including a collection of new devices and gadgets. Well, these devices and gadgets have become throwaway items, and it’s becoming an issue.

The good folks over at Vollebak are looking to take on repurposing e-waste. In doing so, they have created the Vollebak Garbage Watch. Eye-catching, functional, unique, and thoughtful, this timepiece is sure to turn heads and garner attention. The Garbage Watch was created in collaboration with the Wallpaper Re-Made project.

The timepiece takes raw materials destined for the dump, transforming them into a beautiful and stylish timepiece. Details include pieces of microchips, motherboards, and TV wiring, which come together to create a colorful mashup visible through a skeletonized dial. The rectangular case adds a classic touch, adding further style to a unique looking creation.

The watch is still in development and is expected to be released in 2021. Take a closer look at this unique design in the image up top and find out more about the timepiece from Vollebak right now. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more unique style coming very soon.

Photos via Vollebak

Written by Jesse James

Author, Audiophile, Style connoisseur, & Sneakerhead. Passionate for life and happiness!

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