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Time & Patience | Simon Beck Expands His #ProjectSnow Series

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For artists and creatives alike, it’s all in the details. Former engineer Simon Beck has made a name for himself by creating intricate geometrical designs using just a pair of snowshoes, a map drawing, and a compass. The Canadian artist has created all sorts of unique designs, including a massive snowflake at the Peyto Lake in Alberta. He’s back today with a handful of new designs, expanding and adding to his #ProjectSnow series.

The geometrical designs are first conceptualized as large-sized drawings, and some of his pieces take up top six hours to create. Mr. Beck stated: “Usually I work outwards from the center.” He opened up more about his creative process and said, “Straight lines are made by using the compass and walking in a straight line towards a point in the distance, curves are made by judgment. Both require a lot of practice to get it good.” His two latest designs are massive in size, boasting exceptional attention to detail and a crisp pattern throughout. Impeccable doesn’t quite do it justice.

Take a closer look at Simon Beck’s latest creations in the images below. We’ve also included a short video as well. While you’re at it, be sure to keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the art department coming very soon.

Photos via Simon Beck

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