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Tom Sachs Reveals “Spaceships” Exhibition

Tom Sachs has been fascinated by space for years. From the moon landings to the spacesuits worn throughout the history of space travel, the artist has found inspiration in the last frontier. Today Tom Sachs is back with a look inside his latest exhibition, “Spaceships.” The new exhibition uses a simple concept while examining the understandings, assumptions, and thoughts of what a spaceship is. The collection includes an array of sculptures while taking on a metaphysical and spiritual aesthetic.

Sachs explained: “There are three reasons people do anything — spirituality, sensuality, and stuff. Spirituality is asking the big questions: Are we alone? Where do we come from? Sensuality is going where no man has gone before: exploring space, the g-force of excitement, climbing the highest mountain, the smell of the tatami, the touch of the kimono… Stuff is the hardware: a spaceship, a cathedral, a tea bowl. That’s what we make. Our priority is sculpture, but it doesn’t mean shit without the ritual and without the spirituality and the reasons behind it. You’ve gotta have all three.”

Check out the new exhibition in the images below and find out more information from Acquavella Galleries. The exhibition will be on display from October 7 to November 26. Keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding art exhibitions and art news coming very soon.

Photos via Tom Sachs/Acquavella Galleries

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