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Unwanted Opinions Episode 35 

It’s Friday, the weekend is here, and we’re all ready to be done with work for a few days. There is no better way to start the weekend than with an hour of complete nonsense. That is precisely what Unwanted Opinions offers viewers each and every week. If you are looking for a better way to get the weekend started, you won’t find one. Unwanted Opinions features host Justin MacDonald, co-host Matt Fischer, myself as the co-host/fact-checker, and fellow Culture Curator Dave Miller as the executive producer. The hour is spent discussing compelling news topics, local happenings in #OurOcala, life, and more. Each brings their own banter, charm, and perspective to the table. 

This week marks the thirty-fifth (maybe) episode and featured sometime-guest/sometime-executive producer, and Culture Curator, Moustache Johnny. Dave was busy jet-setting and living his best life. This episode finds us opening up about nothing of importance, though we discuss a few topics randomly throughout the hour. We did manage to talk about knuckleheads, jeffered knights, Ocala pig farms, swimming at Silver Springs, surviving in the wilderness, and much more. Those things may not make sense now, but they will once you’ve watched. 

Check out the latest episode of Unwanted Opinions in the stream below and tune in every Friday from 8:00 – 9:00 am on Facebook Live. Be sure to follow along on Instagram too. And, don’t worry, we’re always funny.

Written by Jesse James

Author, Audiophile, Style connoisseur, & Sneakerhead. Passionate for life and happiness!


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