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Vic Mensa Curates SKIN + MASKS At Kavi Gupta Gallery

The Chicago native MC Vic Mensa is back. This time around, his focus is on art and not music. The artist recently curated his first art exhibition, entitled SKIN + MASKS, at Kavi Gupta Gallery. The wordsmith stated: “As long as I can remember, I’ve been an artist.” He added, “Drawing, singing, painting, rapping, you name it. It’s my lifestyle, my method of self-expression.”

The showcase was inspired by Frantz Fanon’s seminal text, Black Skin White Masks, which analyzes the effects of colonialism and white supremacy. The exhibition includes work from Hebru Brantley, Jahlil Nzinga, Dada Khanyisa, Jake Troyli, and more. The exhibition aims to break down the negative stereotypes about the black community.

Mensa spoke with The Roots and stated: “Let’s stop destroying Black men and Black women for just trying to live their lives.” He added, “We live in this social media culture, and it’s gotta be up to each of us as individuals to address and assess our relationship with it. Negativity is the algorithm; negativity moves the algorithm, negative things get more attention. But can we please stop destroying people for living their lives without hurting somebody else?”

Take a closer look inside the exhibition in the images below. All proceeds from the exhibition will benefit SaveMoneySaveLife, Mensa’s philanthropic non-profit organization. The organization combines art, entertainment, and sustainable social change. SKIN + MASKS will be on view at Kavi Gupta Gallery until August 13th. Keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more art exhibitions, art news, and art releases coming very soon.

Photos via Kavi Gupta Gallery

Written by Jesse James

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