Yarbo Modular Yard Robot

Let’s be honest, yard work sucks. It’s even worse if you live in the thick and swamp-like humidity of the southeast. The Yarbo Modular Yard Robot aims to make our lives a little bit easier. Robots have been taking over all the simple tasks we were once responsible for. The Yarbo Modular Yard Robot takes things a step further, offering something that can mow grass, clear snow, and clear leaves.

The Yarbo Modular Yard Robot consists of a motorized, rubber-tracked base unit that can be equipped with three different modules. One mows the grass and boasts a cutting width of 20″, one can clear snow up to 12″ deep, while the third can clear leaves with a 119mph gust of air. The yard robot uses radar, a camera to avoid obstacles and GPS for positioning. This means no boundary wires. The device has a battery that recharges wirelessly via a docking station, which can double as a portable power station.

If you want to make yard work a breeze, use the Yarbo Modular Yard Robot. Take a closer look at the device in the image up top and head over to Kickstarter to get in on the action. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the tech sector coming very soon.

Photos via Kickstarter

Written by Jesse James

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