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Believe The Hype | Burger King’s Chocolate Burger Is Real

Burgers have changed forever.

April 1st is a day that we all aim to play practical jokes, pranks, and more on our loved ones and friends. It’s a time-honored tradition and one that companies have gotten behind recently. Two years ago, Burger King joked about a chocolate creation on April Fools, but it looks like that joke is becoming a reality. In Taiwan, the American fast-food chain recently debuted the Hershey’s Chocolate Whopper.

The creation is a Whopper that comes dressed in a Hershey’s chocolate sauce. While the burger is a bit different from the dessert burger the brand initially envisioned, it’s certainly something interesting. The April Fools joke was host to chocolate buns that covered a chocolate patty with candied oranges and white chocolate rings. It was then topped by a raspberry sauce.

While the Hershey’s Chocolate Whopper isn’t the April Fools joke they dispaly, it did draw a massive crowd in Tainan City. According to those who were brave enough to try it, the chocolate sauce worked pretty well with the peanut sauce. Burger King sold 506 of the burgers that day, which is pretty impressive with all things considered. Head over to Burger King to find out more and look for more interesting culinary creations coming soon. Keep an eye out for more interesting food and drink options coming soon.

Photos via Burger King

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