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  • fragment design
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    Sound x Color | fragment design x BeatsX Collab May Be On The Way

    Styled by sound!

    Style and sound come together once again as we get a look at a functional and colorful new collaboration. The one and only, Hiroshi Fujiwara is back. The mastermind behind fragment design recently took to social media to provide a teaser for a new collaboration on the horizon. The godfather of streetwear took to Instagram […] More

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    Elevated Icons | Leica Reveals An All-White M10-P

    Updates & upgrades!

    Known for crafting some of the best and most iconic cameras in the game, Leica returns with a new limited edition camera. This time around, the brand has released the new M10-P “White.” The stunning limited edition design finds the legendary camera rocking a clean new update, boasting an all-white finish all the way around. […] More

  • Scribit
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    Write, Erase, Repeat | Scribit Write & Erase Robot

    A new kind of wall art!

    When we were young, all we wanted to do is paint, draw, and more, sometimes on the walls. Kids are discouraged from drawing on the wall, but we get a look at a device that changes everything. The Scribit Write & Erase Robot is built to create stunning works of art on nearly any wall. […] More

  • Caviar
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    Sound x Style | Caviar Unveils Luxury Gold AirPods

    Luxury meets sound quality!

    For anyone looking for some opulence and exuberant luxury in their life, look no further. After unleashing a $70,000 iPhone 11, Caviar returns to add some luxurious Apple products to the lineup. The company is known for taking our daily electronics and elevating the devices with exceptional attention to detail. Quality designs and eye-catching elements […] More

  • Instagram

    Game Changers | Instagram Tests New Music Feature For Stories

    Updates & upgrades!

    In modern times in which we live, updates and upgrades are the norm. Always looking to provide us with new ways to engage and entertain our friends and followers, Instagram is back. Today the photo-sharing platform has unveiled a new music feature for Stories, which high resembles the format of TikTok. The new featured, dubbed […] More

  • NES-Styled Mouse
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    Old School, New School | 8BitDo’s NES-Styled Mouse

    Get on your game!

    The creative minds at 8BitDo are always looking for new ways to enhance retro gaming. Influenced by the good old days of gaming, the brand is back with something new for our modern lives. Known for crafting vintage controllers and modification kits, today, the brand serves up a look at a new NES-styled mouse. Swedish […] More

  • Thonet & Vander
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    Enhance Your Sound | Thonet & Vander Reveal New Bluetooth Soundbar

    Sound on!

    Thonet & Vander has built a reputation crafting state of the art, quality audio products. Today they are back, returning to announce the availability of the Dunn 250-watt Bluetooth soundbar with wireless subwoofer. The Dunn makes movie watching binge-worthy. The soundbar with optical input, Bluetooth and AUX 3.5mm stereo brings its own wireless subwoofer. This […] More

  • AirPods
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    Sound x Style | ColorWare Offers Customized AirPods

    Add some color to your listening experience!

    Looking to add a little color to your life? A few months ago, Apple revealed the first details about the latest edition of AirPods. While many of us are hyped about the upcoming wireless AirPods Pro, we were let down by the lack of colorways. To combat this, ColorWare, a company focused on creating custom […] More

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    More Options | Adobe’s New App Brings Photoshop to Phone Cameras

    A new way to snap!

    The good folks over at Adobe are back, and they are bringing something new to our camera phones. They just announced a new app that will allow users to utilize select Photoshop editing features directly through a smartphone’s camera. The app is called Photoshop Camera, and it marks a step for Adobe towards creating something […] More

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