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    A First Look | The Appleton Presents “Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S.”

    A showcase of heritage, culture, & creativity!

    The Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida is back in the news. They have officially opened the exhibition “Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S.”. The exhibit offers a closer look and a multi-dimensional examination of the history and culture of Flamenco dance and music. The exhibition curator Nicolasa Chávez from the Museum of […] More

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    It Wasn’t A Dream | A Look Back At ‘Neon Dreams 2019’

    The #GrowCala glow up!

    For the past month, the city has been glowing with anticipation. Folks have been waiting, wondering and guessing on what to expect from the art exhibition known as ‘Neon Dreams.’ After weeks of teasers, trailers, videos, sneak peeks, and more, the ‘Neon Dream Team’ invaded Infinite Ale Works in downtown Ocala, Florida, on Friday, December […] More

  • "Neon Dreams: Live"
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    It Was All A Dream | Just Joel Presents “Neon Dreams: Live”

    (Neon) Dreams to come true!

    After serving up some smooth vibes on his “La Musique” mix a few weeks back, Just Joel returns. The musical mastermind provided the vibes recently for the art exhibition dubbed ‘Neon Dreams.’ The showcase took place at Infinite Ale Works in Ocala, Florida, on December 6th, offering a combination of sound, light, immersive art, and […] More

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    Art Talks | Get To Know The Talents Of Teddy Sykes

    As you already know, we at The Culture Curators are all in for art. It’s captivating, it’s deep, it’s compelling, and it’s one of the purest forms of self-expression. Art comes in all shapes, sizes, forms, disciplines, and mediums. Art surrounds us daily, and we tend to not put too much emphasis on it. As […] More

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    Art Talks | Get Acquainted With Artist EJ Nieves

    Art is defined as “produced as an artistic effort or for decorative purposes”. Art is different for everyone, and though some say they’re not into, we all are in one facet or another. We at The Culture Curators are avid fans and supporters of art across the board. From music to sculpting, painting, street art, […] More

  • Grand Opening
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    Immerse Yourself | The Magnolia Art Xchange’s ‘ARTINI’ Grand Opening Event

    Come celebrate the start of something special!

    Know as MAX, The Magnolia Art Xchange is Ocala, Florida’s first art incubator. MAX is designed to further visual artists’ creativity and professionalism. Located in the historic Union Station in Downtown Ocala, the space is to be a collaborative resource hub for artists, educators, and art enthusiasts. MAX will also strive to expand the cultural […] More

  • The Appleton Museum
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    A Look Inside | The Appleton Museum Of Art Presents “Across the Atlantic: American Impressionism Through the French Lens”

    A showcase of creative & craftsmanship!

    Known as a major cultural center in the heart of Florida, The Appleton Museum of Art offers an array of art and artistic expression. The museum’s vision is to be a leading cultural center that enriches the quality of life for the people of Central Florida and beyond. The museum recently opened a new exhibition […] More

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    Art Goes Live | A Look Back At Applaud The Arts At The Appleton

    Becoming living art!

    On October 17th, art fans from all over Ocala converged on the Appleton Museum for the 12th annual Applaud The Arts event and fundraiser. The 2019 iteration was reimagined, created to be a unique and elegant cocktail soirée staged in the Appleton’s courtyard. Guests were treated to a variety of immersive activities, a pop-up theatre, […] More

  • Applaud The Arts 2019
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    Art Comes To Life | MCA of Ocala Presents Applaud The Arts 2019

    A showcase of art for a great cause!

    Tonight is the night! Art literally comes to life tonight at the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida, with Applaud The Arts 2019. This local event has been presented by the Marion Cultural Alliance for over a decade, originally dubbed Saluting the Arts. In 2016 the event was renamed Applaud the Arts to celebrate […] More