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    Art For Sale! No More Rulers Unveils ‘MIDNIGHT FORAYS’ Print by Futura

    ”Graffiti had found the speed at which it needed to be seen.”

    Back in January, No More Rulers linked up with Futura for a book of Futura-isms. The book featured a collection of quotes by the artist Futura. The book is part of No More Rulers’ ongoing series of books with Princeton University Press. The collection includes some of the greatest art makers, such as Keith Haring, […] More

  • Keith Haring
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    The Art In Architecture! Keith Haring Tribeca Loft

    Home to a stunning mural created in ‘79.

    Before becoming a home for luxury condominiums, the historic American Thread Building was a student gallery for the School of Visual Arts. Keith Haring attended the school and created a large mural for an exhibit in 1979. After nearly forty years since it was created, the artwork is still the centerpiece of this Tribeca triplex. […] More

  • Cork Oak House
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    Minimally Modern! The Cork Oak House

    Take a look inside!

    Here at The Culture Curators, we’re big fans of contemporary design. From art to architecture, we find a contemporary design to be inspiring, fascinating, and compelling. Today we get a look at a unique structure that embraces its landscape while looking like a contrasting figure. The Cork Oak House is situated on protected land, brought […] More

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    The Lap of Luxury! The Lap Pool House

    A seaside home with an incredible view.

    In case you couldn’t tell, we have a passion for unique designs and bold architecture. Today we take a look at a modern home located on a hillside on Greece’s Tinos Island. Dubbed the Lap Pool House, the home references the island’s landscape and provides stunning views of the coast in the process. The structure […] More

  • "The Last Resort"
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    Exhibiting Excellence! Derrick Adams’ “The Last Resort” Exhibition

    The one and only Derrick Adams has opened his new exhibition. The Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based artist recently presented his latest “The Last Resort” exhibition. He has teamed up with Chicago’s Rhona Hoffman Gallery for his fourth show in the space, offering a colorful look at Black leisure. The display also completes Adams’ Floater series, which kicked […] More

  • Holiday House
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    A Modern Retreat! The Chania Holiday House

    A look inside luxury!

    There is something captivating and inspiring about modern architecture. The creative minds at Paly Architects have created a unique example of contemporary design known as the Chania Holiday House. The waterfront home is found on the coast of Crete, using the rocky terrain as protection from the northern winds. The home uses concrete, local stone, […] More

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    Time & Creativity! Daniel Arsham’s Falling Clock

    Time flies when you’re having fun (So they say).

    The one and only, Daniel Arsham, is back in the news feed. Last we heard from the artist; he was providing a look inside his exhibition ‘Time Dilation.’ Today the artist is back with something new for the fans. The artist has created a limited-edition run of his ‘Falling Clock’ artwork, which is going up […] More

  • Matt McCormick
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    Destructive Inspirations! Matt McCormick Unveils New Exhibition of American Nostalgia

    Paying homage to the painters that came before him.

    The artist and painter known as Matt McCormick has opened a new exhibition in Los Angeles, California. He has set up shop at the Gauthier Gallery, a contemporary art space in the city that is dedicated to showcasing works by exceptional contemporary artists. For its first exhibition, the gallery is hosting a selection of new […] More

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    Art Everywhere! Damien Hirst Launches “Mental Escapology” Exhibition

    A showcase in Switzerland!

    The one and only Damien Hirst is back! The British artist recently launched a new exhibition featuring over 40 works in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The exhibit is entitled Mental Escapology’ and stretches over four various locations in the Swiss city. The world-renowned artist has created indoor and outdoor installations, all organized with the assistance of […] More

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