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  • SteelSeries
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    Game Time! SteelSeries Launches Prime Collection for Esports Players

    For the serious gamers!

    The good folks over at SteelSeries are known for their lineup of gaming peripherals. The brand is back, departing from its usual designs while creating a new series of accessories for the most dedicated players. Today we get our first look at the Prime series from SteelSeries. The new collection brings gaming back to its […] More

  • iiRcade Gaming Cabinet
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    Old School, New School! The iiRcade Gaming Cabinet

    The good folks over at iiRcade are back at it. Known for crafting an arsenal of sleek, retro-inspired gaming cabinets, the brand is back with a new arcade experience for your living room. The iiRcade Gaming Cabinet is created for residential interiors, allowing gamers to play their favorite vintage and indie titles. Each cabinet is […] More

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    Game Night! 7-Eleven Transformed Into A Gamer’s Paradise On Airbnb

    The ultimate gaming experience!

    For true gamer’s, gaming all night isn’t a big deal. Today we get a look at a unique rental on Airbnb that transforms a 7-Eleven store into a gamer’s paradise. Airbnb is offering the ultimate one-night game-cation featuring a Playstation 5 console and all the Slurpees you can drink. This is an incredible opportunity for […] More

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    Back To The Classics! CAPCOM Reveals The Little Retro Console

    Small package, big game!

    Remember when video games were simple? Well, for retro gaming fans, the good folks over at CAPCOM are back, taking us back to a much simpler time in video games. Today the Japanese developer and publisher returns with a tiny arcade station carrying some of your favorite CAPCOM titles. The Retro Station was designed to […] More

  • Bud Light
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    Gaming & Brews! Bud Light Reveals The BL6 Gaming Console

    Game time!

    The good folks over at Bud Light are back, and they are not playing any games, sort of. Actually, they are playing games, getting into the gaming console war between the Xbox and PlayStation 5. Bud Light has released a gaming console of its own dubbed the BL6. This unique design takes the shape of […] More

  • Atari
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    Back In The Day! Atari Mini Pong Jr. Arcade Game

    Old school becomes new school!

    Pong, for many of us, it’s a bit before our time. However, the game’s impact will forever be remembered. Pong was the first commercially successful video game, and it set the stage for the future of gaming. Atari is looking to recreate the magic of Pon, revealing the Mini Pong Jr. The device was built […] More

  • Sega Astro City
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    Back To The Basics | The Sega Astro City Mini

    The fun of the 1990’s Japanese arcade is headed to a tabletop version with the release of the Sega Astro City Mini.

    Tabletop mini arcades aren’t anything new. A cheap emulator in a small cabinet style display has been around for a few years now. Something that felt like a quality product has been much more elusive, though. Sega, a company many of us cut our gaming teeth with, has shown up to remedy that problem. The […] More

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