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Old School, New School! The iiRcade Gaming Cabinet

The good folks over at iiRcade are back at it. Known for crafting an arsenal of sleek, retro-inspired gaming cabinets, the brand is back with a new arcade experience for your living room. The iiRcade Gaming Cabinet is created for residential interiors, allowing gamers to play their favorite vintage and indie titles.

Each cabinet is fitted with a 19-inch LCD display, premium Sanwa-style buttons, and joysticks. There is even a 100-watt stereo system, adding to the authentic gameplay experience. The device is also equipped with wifi that lets you access the online store and download hundreds of titles. You can also connect with friends for online play, boasting classic graphics or in limited edition bundles.

Elevate your at-home gaming experience and find out more about the iiRcade Gaming Cabinet right now. Check out the device and keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the tech sector coming soon.

Photos via iiRcade

Written by Jesse James

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