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  • PlayStation VR2
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    The Sony PlayStation VR2 Headset Release Date

    Sony heard the rustling of impatient Playstation loyalists fighting the urge to jump ship for a capable VR system and finally answered the question we’ve all asked since we got the PS5. We now have an official yet vague release date for the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset and controller system. “Early 2023” is the slated […] More

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    The Acura Precision EV Concept

    If you’ve been patiently waiting for petrol-fueled, groundbreaking development from the automotive industry, this ain’t it. But If you’re tuned into the future of anything driven, ridden, flown, or sailed, then you’re aware that we are charging head first into a full-blown electric boogaloo. The creative concept team over at Acura is ready for the […] More

  • Pop Smoke
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    Pop Smoke – Tell The Vision ft. Kanye West & Pusha T

    In a posthumous banger featuring Ye and Pusha T, Pop Smoke heralds the success that ultimately led to his early and tragic demise. Serving as another reminder of the talented and gifted artist that was laid to rest far too soon, “Tell the Vision” goes so hard it’s sure to echo into the afterlife. The […] More

  • Lamborghini
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    Own This! Check Out This Lamborghini LM002

    To many, the Ursa was the groundbreaking SUV from Lamborghini that changed the world forever, but The Italian Stallion of supercars has been off this road before, and they did it well in the ’90s too. The Lamborghini LM002 unpaved the way for a super SUV from the pinnacle of late-century speed and extravagance. While […] More

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    Old Becomes New! 1965 Porsche 356 911 Restomod Coupe

    In what can only be described as a “Clash of the Icons,” one of the most interesting RestoMods to date should soon be underway in Poland. Designer Bo Zolland has offered up a rendering of the ingenious pairing of two Porsche giants. The classically cool 356 and the sports legend 911 are set to join […] More

  • 2021 Toyota Venza
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    Elevated & Enhanced! The 2021 Toyota Venza Limited

    In a model line-up as stacked as Toyota’s American offerings, it’s possible something may have become an afterthought or a forgotten option. Honestly, it felt like the former iteration of the Venza had started slipping into that grey area. The new head-turning hybrid version has reemerged with all the hype a complete redesign could harness […] More

  • Best CrossFit Shoes
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    Style & Function! The Five Best CrossFit Shoes

    Is there such as thing as the Best CrossFit Shoes? Full disclosure, I’m a member of a cult. I had my first sip of the Fit-Aid 7 years ago and I’ve been worshipping ever since. Crossfit changed my life. Not only as a member but even a leader. As head coach and CFL2 I’ve seen […] More

  • Razer
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    Personal Protection! Razer Releases Project Hazel Face Mask

    Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show brings everybody from gamers and nerds to All-Star pro athletes and celebrities together to celebrate all things tech. In a time when we need all the unity we can get, the annual celebration of anything with circuit board launched an online worldwide event showcasing the latest and greatest in […] More

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    Ready To Ride! The 2021 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road

    At its conception in the early ’90s, the Toyota RAV4 was created to be a vehicle that mixes the light off-road capabilities with on-road comfort. The name actually means “Recreational Active Vehicle with 4WD”. Some may have argued that it strayed from those roots a bit in recent years. However, there’s no denying it’s reconnected […] More

  • McRib
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    The Return! McDonald’s Unveils The “Shave 4 McRib” Sweepstakes

    Many ancient civilizations believed signs from the gods were sent to signal better times ahead or punish them for their misbehaving. These signs were often years apart and met with a cult-like appreciation: a blue moon, an albino buffalo, or perhaps an overly bountiful harvest of wheat. Well, gang, the God’s have seemingly smiled upon […] More

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