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    Style & Function | Nomad Unveils Limited Edition American Made Wallets

    Craftsmanship at its finest!

    Back at it yet again, adding style to our accessories, Nomad returns. Known for crafting everything from phone cases to camera straps, charging cables, and more, the imprint is back. Today Nomad returns with the Shell Cordovan Wallet. This limited edition wallet is handmade in Chicago. The eye-catching accessory is more than a wallet. This […] More

  • Puzzle
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    Art & Style | Nomad Links With Morgan Masssen For A Limited Edition Puzzle

    Giving back is good!

    The good folks over at Nomad are back at it yet again. Known for crafting cases, cables, and more functional accessories for our electronics, they’re back with something new. Today we get a look at the ‘Puzzle for Good.’ This eye-catching, 1000 piece puzzle was created in collaboration with local outdoor photographer Morgan Masssen. More […] More

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    Sound & Style | Nomad Reveals New Airpod Pro Cases

    Elevating sound through style!

    Always looking for creative and stylish ways to protect our tech, Nomad is back at it again. This time around, we get our first look at their new rugged Horween Leather case for the Apple Airpod Pro. This sleek and stylish case was designed to fit your AirPods Pro with our two-piece construction tightly. The […] More

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    For The Fight | A Look At The Nomad Response To COVID-19

    A change for the better!

    While we’ve become familiar with Nomad, thanks to their phone cases, chargers, cables, and more, they are making a change and taking a stand. The imprint has taken on a new fight, reprioritizing their operations to provide medical supplies for those fighting this pandemic. They’ve been creating face masks, hand sanitizer, and nitrile gloves, providing […] More

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    Protect Your Tech | Nomad Reveals New AirPod Pro Cases

    Rugged and stylish!

    For fans of Apple’s AirPods, keeping them charged and ready to roll is a big piece of the puzzle. The good folks over at Nomad have been busy as of late, and they are back with something new for AirPod Pro owners. Nomad has finally launched their Rugged Cases for AirPods Pro. These Rugged Cases […] More

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    Style For Travel | NOMAD Launches The Leather Passport Wallet

    Built for purpose!

    It’s 2020, it’s time to update your life. The good folks over at Nomad are back, this time returning with a sleek and stylish way to stay organized on the go. Nomad has launched the new Leather Passport Wallet. Fans have been clamoring for Passport Wallets since the imprint started making wallets a couple of […] More

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    Stay Juiced | Nomad Links With Aira For Effective Wireless Charging

    Updating & upgrading wireless charging!

    The good folks over at Nomad are known for crafting all sorts of accessories for our mobile devices. The brand is back, and they return with some big news. Nomad is excited to announce a partnership with Aira, the creator of FreePower™, a radically new wireless charging technology. The Base Station Pro reinvents what it […] More

  • Climate Neutral

    Making A Change | Nomad Goes Climate Neutral

    Going green!

    In case you didn’t know, the Nomad team is passionate about the outdoors. While we’re familiar with Nomad thanks to their range of accessories, phone cases, charging cables, and much more, they return to make a change. Nomad is back in the news as the word comes down that Nomad has gone Climate Neutral. Nomad […] More

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    Bigger Is Better! Madison House NYC Elevates The NoMad Lifestyle

    Madison House in the budding NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan has literally raised the bar for residential elegance, and future development.

    They say it’s lonely at the top. That may have been the case, but Madison House NYC has made plenty of room for friends. The 805ft tall residential tower is the tallest residential building in Nomad, the hottest neighborhood in Manhattan. The highly anticipated project has just launched sales, and it’s proving to be a […] More