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Frustrating Forms | The “Pure Hell” Micro 2000-Piece All-White Puzzle

In case life wasn’t challenging enough these days, the Japanese board game manufacturer Beverly is back. They have created a patience-testing jigsaw puzzle that is touted as the world’s smallest 2,000-piece (micro) puzzle. Dubbed the “Pure Hell” puzzle, the design features no artwork at all. Instead, it features a plain white design with no image to help aid you in completing it.

The owner must scour each of the pieces trying each one until they fit. The box also features an array of warnings. These include “please do not buy this if you are a beginner,” “18 years and up,” and “the great king of hell has arrived!” For those looking to test their patience, the 2,000-piece “Pure Hell” micro puzzle could be found at Beverly Japan’s web store.

However, it’s been taken off the site, though it can be found via Amazon, eBay resellers, Japanese proxy services, and more. Do you have what it takes? Keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the design and art world coming soon.

Photos via Beverly Enterprises Inc.

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