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Karting Into The Future | Ninebot GoKart Pro

Now this looks like fun!

In case you couldn’t tell, we have a real need for speed here at The Culture Curators. The good folks over at Ninebot are back in the news, this time providing plenty of power in a small and relatively compact form. Today we get our first look at the Ninebot GoKart Pro. Eye-catching, quick, and sleek, this stunning machine is looking to take go-karts into the future. The  Ninebot GoKart Pro is powered by a peppy, modified 4,800W-output Segway-based electric powertrain.

The kart includes a 432Wh battery for a range of 15.5 miles and a top speed of 23 mph. With plenty of power and a fun, controllable chassis, the design also includes a bevy of unique features to make the experience even better.

The go-kart features an intelligent drift assist system and special TPE rear tires for exceptional handling, while a mechanical handbrake helps increase the fun. The Ninebot GoKart Pro is built with a high-strength steel frame good for up to 220, and the entire race car-inspired design is IP54 water-resistant.

Take a closer look at this impressive machine in the image up top and head over to Indiegogo to find out more about the Ninebot GoKart Pro. While you’re at it, be sure to keep it locked to our auto section for more ways to cure your need for speed coming very soon.

Photos via Ninebot

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