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A First Look | The Appleton Presents “Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S.”

The Appleton Museum of Art, College of Central Florida is back in the news. They have officially opened the exhibition “Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S.”. The exhibit offers a closer look and a multi-dimensional examination of the history and culture of Flamenco dance and music.

The exhibition curator Nicolasa Chávez from the Museum of International Folk Art spoke about the exhibition. She writes, “Flamenco developed as a folkloric tradition in southern Spain, beginning nearly 500 years ago. Flamenco was learned within the family and passed down through generations. By the end of the 19th century, it had become an art form presented on stage at venues called cafés cantantes. Here is where Flamenco was first showcased in small nightclubs in Spain. The audience was comprised of tourists looking for an exotic experience and local aficionados, seasoned appreciators of the art form.”

Flamenco At The Appleton

The exhibition traces its origins to the arrival of the art in the U.S. and its rise as an international art form. Flamenco continues to be a way of life for the people of southern Spain. As well as in other parts of the country. Back in 2010, UNESCO declared Flamenco a Masterpiece of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Organized by the Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and circulated through Guest Curator Traveling Exhibitions. The exhibition features close to 150 objects.

These items range in dates from the late 19th century to the present, including costumes, apparel, and musical instruments. We had the chance to see the exhibition before it officially opened, and it’s one worth taking your time to explore.

The vibrancy and boldness of the culture are on full display, and it’s certainly a heritage worth learning more about. Take a closer look at the “Flamenco: From Spain to the U.S.” in the images below and find out more from the Appleton Museum of Art right now. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more art news, exhibitions, and installations coming soon.

Photos via Jesse James for The Culture Curators

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