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Explore The Outdoors | Patriot Campers Desert Ops X1-N

Shelter anywhere, anytime!

Anyone that spends time in the great outdoors knows the importance of good, reliable, functional shelter. It can be the difference between life and death, and it can also be the difference between a fantastic adventure and a miserable trip. The modern pioneer is looking for a way to stay protected and comfortable while still getting the most out of their outdoor experience. Patriot Campers are here to help, offering some of the best towable shelters on the market.

They return with a few new models for your next adventure. Today we get a look at the Patriot Campers Desert Ops X1-N And LC79 Supertourer. This army-inspired combo is for serious adventures, boasting everything for your next expedition. The Desert Ops X1-N is 12 feet long, six feet wide, and weighs in at 1,825 pounds.

The camper is host to the company’s custom mounting platform, allowing you to carry just about anything, including kayaks, mountain bikes, duffel bags, and various tents. One side packs your everyday living essentials, including a fridge, sink, and stove. There is even room for kitchenware, while more storage space on the other side offers plenty of space. The camper also boasts hookups for shower and areas for larger camping gear. A 270-degree awning offers shade for the kitchen and the rear of the camper.

The design also includes vintage decals, 35” tires, and an electric 12” drum brake. Pulling the X1-N is the LC79 Supertourer off-road utility truck. This bad boy is outfitted with a bespoke EFS suspension, double winches, TJM bar work, and a 300 mm chassis extension. The ride is also host to a spacious storage compartment and lockable slide-out drawer. This lets you carry everything you need and then some.

The Desert Ops X1-N is limited to 20 examples and is sure to be the perfect camping companion. Take a closer look at the latest design from Patriot Campers and find out more about the design right now. Stay tuned for many more great ways to explore the great outdoors coming very soon.

Photos via Patriot Campers

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