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If you thought Amazon was slowing down their eventual world take over, it’s time to reassess your position. The global juggernaut has passed the first major obstacle to owning the skies too. Amazon’s drone deliveries are coming!

In the past week, the University of Alaska completed the first FAA-approved (Federal Aviation Administration) “beyond line of sight” test. The first time the FAA was confident in the drone’s “detect and avoid” technology to allow it to fly outside the operator’s sight. The “line of sight” rule has been a significant deterrent for plans to deliver goods by drone. The rule made it a requirement for any drones to fly only within an operator’s vision at all times.

Amazon claimed in June that they are only “months” away from drone operations being ready for take-off. Recently released designs for the new drones are capable of delivering goods in as little as half an hour. This successful test was a major accomplishment for the online retail giant. However, there are significant hurdles left to overcome for the future of air-dropped goods.

Customers in more remote locations may still have to settle for the painfully slow 2-day standard Amazon Prime deliveries. Drone delivery zones will be drastically limited based on battery capabilities that could be affected by package weight and weather conditions. Stay tuned for more about Amazon’s drone deliveries coming soon!

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