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The Simple Life! Majamaja Wuorio Eco-Cabin

Modern off-grid living!

Off-grid living isn’t anything new; it’s just a different lifestyle. Today we get a look at a cabin that embraces life off of the grid, doing so with a unique design that offers a beautiful retreat. Known as the Majamaja Wuorio Eco-Cabin, the design is located on the rocky shoreline of Finland. The cabin features off-grid technologies and prefabricated elements that make it a modern, remote retreat. The shelter is made from wood components that were constructed off-site.


The cabin provides minimal disruption to the natural elements and can be quickly disassembled and moved. The design also features patented technology that includes a closed-circuit wastewater treatment system. The system collects rainwater or air humidity and stores it in integrated reservoir tanks. The water is then cleaned by the water purification system before being sent to the showers and kitchen. Power comes from solar panels and a fuel cell, offering plenty of renewable resources for the filter system, lights, and appliances.

Take a closer look at the Majamaja Wuorio Eco-Cabin in the images and find out more about the design from Littow. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more modern architecture coming soon.


Photos via Marc Goodwin / Archmospheres

Written by Jesse James

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