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#OurOcala Underdogs | The Downtown Burger Tour Stop 9: The Black Sheep on Broadway

It’s that time of the week yet again! It’s Friday. Not only is it the beginning of the weekend, but it also means it’s time for another installment of the Downtown Burger Tour. Each week The Culture Curators and Ocala Main Street  visit Downtown Ocala in search of the best burgers on the block. This week is our ninth stop on the tour, which finds us making our way to The Black Sheep on Broadway, where we indulged in some of their best burgers while getting a better appreciation for their craftsmanship.

The Black Sheep might be new on the block, but they are bringing something impressive and unique. The Black Sheep on Broadway offers a cuisine all its own mixed with a great selection of beer and wine. But as you know by now, we’re all about the burgers on this tour! This is #OurOcala!

The Black Sheep has become a popular spot to grab a drink, enjoy some of their signature sliders, and listen to some live music. It’s more than a gathering spot; it’s a rustic place that serves delectables including year-round appetizers, eclectic sliders, sandwiches, and more. But since we’re here to talk burgers, let’s get right into it! The Black Sheep offers a few different options when it comes to hamburgers, but you can change things up a bit.

Black Sheep

The Black Sheep on Broadway

The star of the show is the Broadway Burger. This handsome handheld includes an 8 oz. patty that is crafted with a blend of short rib, brisket, and ground chuck. It’s cooked how you want and comes topped with white-American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, sweet caramelized onions, a fried egg, their infamous black sheep sauce, bibb lettuce, and sliced tomato. All of this comes together swimmingly on a toasted brioche bun, creating a savory and hearty meal that will leave you full and incredibly satisfied.

The burger is flavorful and juicy, each bite offering just as much flavor as the last. It’s undoubtedly a burger worth your time and attention! However, if you’re looking to switch things up a bit, they will also turn the Black Sheep Slider into a full-sized burger. This creative culinary concoction features the same 8 oz. patty of short rib, brisket, and ground chuck, though smothered in macaroni & cheese, topped with bacon and their scoop french fries. Add a touch of the signature Black Sheep sauce, and you’ve got a full meal in a handheld. More than just a burger, the Black Sheep Slider Burger is an experience, and we’ll back for many more.

The Black Sheep Burger

Black Sheep

While they an incredible selection of food and drinks. This isn’t your typical Downtown Ocala destination, but it’s certainly one that should be on your list of must-try’s. The burgers were nothing short of phenomenal! But, the rest of their menu is packed full of incredible options, from appetizers that include chicken wings, gator tail, and a charcuterie board, to their incredible array of sliders such as the Honey Hot Chicken & Waffle slider or the Duck Confit slider. The location has something for everyone, and their culinary creations should not be overlooked. If you haven’t made it in to check them out, we’ve provided more than a handful of reasons!

The Black Sheep certainly impressed us with The Broadway Burger and The Black Sheep Burger. They provided a flavorful and unique experience that we’d highly suggest to anyone. But, we’ve got more burgers to eat! Find out all about The Broadway Burger in the video below. Make sure you stay tuned with The Culture Curators and Ocala Main Street as we keep the Downtown Burger Tour rolling! Be sure to Follow The Culture Curators on Facebook and Instagram for updates and look for stop number ten coming soon.

The Black Sheep on Broadway from Maven Photo and Film on Vimeo.

Photos & Video via Maven Photo & Film

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