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  • Frosted Flakes
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    Kellogg’s Reveals Three New Frosted Flakes Flavors

    You can bet “they’re grrreat!”

    You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Does it count at midnight? If we’re being honest, that’s the best time for cereal; or breakfast for that matter. Anywho. Kellog’s returns to the news feed with something new for our breakfast, or late-night snack, routine. The cereal company returns […] More

  • Buffalo Wild Wings
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    Something New! Doritos Aligns With Buffalo Wild Wings

    Blending soy sauce, brown sugar, onion, garlic, and paprika for a flavorful experience.

    The good folks over at Doritos are back at it once again. They have paired up with Buffalo Wild Wings this time around, creating and launching a bold new sauce. In 2008 Doritos launched their Spice Sweet Chili chips, offering fans a flavorful combination of sweet heat. The chips’ flavor comes from the mixture of […] More

  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
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    Flavor Savers! Pringles & Wendy’s Reveal Spicy Chicken Sandwich Flavored Chips

    Each can also comes with a code for a free spicy chicken sandwich.

    When it comes to spicy chicken sandwiches, the battle is on. The good folks over at Wendy’s are back with something new, taking the battle to new heights. The iconic fast-food chain has aligned with Pringles for a new flavored chip. Today we get our first look at Pringles Wendy’s Spicy Chicken crisps. Carl Loredo, […] More

  • Frosted Flakes
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    A Morning Mashup! Frosted Flakes & Apple Jacks Collide

    Elevate your morning routine or late night snack.

    The good folks over at Kellogg’s have been creating something special recently. The iconic cereal brand is back with another addition to its Mashups cereal series, bringing together two unique flavors in the process. Kellog’s returns with another collision of flavor, bringing together fan-favorite cereals Frosted Flakes and Apple Jacks. The two have been mixed […] More

  • Ice Cream
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    Sweets & Treats! Marco Sweets & Spices Ice Cream

    A new twist on a cool treat!

    If you are anything like us, you have quite the sweet tooth. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like sweets? Ice cream is one snack that we can all appreciate, but sometimes we need more than vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. The good folks over at Marco Sweets & Spices offer some unique twists of flavor that […] More

  • ColdSnap
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    Sweets & Treats! The ColdSnap Frozen Treat Maker

    An at-home cure for your sweet tooth!

    Look, if you are anything like us here at The Culture Curators, you have a real passion for sweets. Sometimes our sweet tooth gets the best of us, but we’re not complaining. Today we get a look at something new that is sure to change your life; the  ColdSnap Frozen Treat Maker. This brilliant device […] More

  • KFC
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    Game On! KFC Introduces Its “Best Chicken Sandwich Ever”

    This means war!

    Not to be outdone by their competitors, Kentucky Fried Chicken is back with something new to kick-off 2021. Today KFC is back to introduce what it is calling its “best chicken sandwich ever.” Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer, KFC U.S., spoke about the sandwich recently. She stated: “We tested the new Chicken Sandwich in Orlando […] More

  • McRib
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    The Return! McDonald’s Unveils The “Shave 4 McRib” Sweepstakes

    Oh yeah, the McRib is back!

    Many ancient civilizations believed signs from the gods were sent to signal better times ahead or punish them for their misbehaving. These signs were often years apart and met with a cult-like appreciation: a blue moon, an albino buffalo, or perhaps an overly bountiful harvest of wheat. Well, gang, the God’s have seemingly smiled upon […] More

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