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Privacy x Luxury | The Efjord Retreat Cabin By Stinessen Arkitektur

A modern escape from the madness!

Sometimes we just need a break from the hectic reality we call life. Modern life can be overwhelming, and breaking away for a relaxing adventure into nature can be quite soothing. Today we get a look at a beautiful modern structure that provides precisely that. The Efjord Retreat Cabin isn’t your typical cabin. When we think of cabins, we think of rustic, rugged shelters located in hard to reach places. The essence of the cabin is alive in this design, though the design takes on a different aesthetic.

Design by Stinessen Arkitektur, this reimagined cabin features total isolation and privacy. The home sits on Halvarøy island off the coast of Norway. The geometric structure boasts panoramic views. The views complement the natural materials, like birch wood and granite stone. The interior matches the exterior of the home flawlessly.

Minimalistic design cues are seen, though with remarkable attention to detail. There is ample space for relaxing or entertaining while boasting plenty of privacy for the bedrooms and bathrooms. The views are the star of the show, which comes thanks in part to floor-to-ceiling windows glazing. The home even has its own sauna, which too looks out over the beautiful landscape with floor-to-ceiling windows of its own. The structure has a beautiful connection to its natural surroundings with unrivaled views of the beautiful scenery it calls home.

Take a look at this beautiful modern cabin in the images below and learn more about the Efjord Retreat Cabin from Stinessen Arkitektur.

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Photos provided by Stinessen Arkitektur

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