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    Build An Icon! The LEGO Vespa 125

    The creative minds over at LEGO are back in the news. After commemorative releases of the Type 1 Volkswagen Beetle, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, and ’60s Ford Mustang, they are back with another entry into the Creator Series. LEGO Creator has unveiled a new design that celebrates the 75th-anniversary of Italian luxury scooter brand […] More

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    Time Travelin’! Brickstuff Reveals LEGO Flux Capacitor Kit

    The creative minds over at Brickstuff are back in the news. Today the hobby electronics specialist returns with a look at their latest LEGO kit. In celebration of Doc Brown’s ingenious power supply, the company has revealed the LEGO Flux Capacitor Kit. While Doc designed his to make the time-traveling DMC DeLorean possible, this kit […] More

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    All In The Details | LEGO IDEAS Reveals Playable Concert Grand Piano

    It’s all in the details when it comes to LEGO IDEAS’ latest design. Today they have revealed something quite impressive and unique, a mini-concert grand piano. Not only designed with every imaginable detail, but the piano is also actually playable. The classic back piano comes to life thanks to a 3,662-piece kit that mimics a […] More

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    Creative Customs | LEGO Unveils Large Customizable Wooden Figures

    The good folks over at LEGO are back, allowing us all to unleash our inner-child. Today the iconic toy brand returns to pay tribute to the original wooden “minifigure”. The “minifigure” was first released in 1978, and now it returns with a limited edition 5:1 upscaled wooden figure. The LEGO “minifigure” was designed in partnership […] More